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A video interview of former NIH scientist, Dr. Mikovits, has been making the rounds and is being promoted as being critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the  director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The title of the 25 minute video is Plandemic. The link is at the bottom of the page. Don't be surprised if it does not open, though, since someone keeps blocking it.

I watched about half of this video and could not continue. This is nothing but inflammatory BS. Mikovits makes a lot of unsupported, sweeping statements that are just fearmongering and often flat wrong.

I mostly can’t comment on the uncorroborated legal aspects and claims Mikovits makes in the video. They are just her opinions and statements with precious little evidence backing them up.

One silly thing she said that I can comment on was how, in the early 80s, she refused to give Fauci a copy of her controversial Science paper that was in press (meaning that it would be published in a couple of weeks) because it was “confidential.” That is nonsense. A paper in press is NOT confidential and authors usually freely share them with others and the press if important enough. It is BEFORE a journal accepts a paper for publication when they can be considered confidential. She goes on to say that “several weeks later” Fauci asked again for the paper. It probably would have been published by then. I have published in the journal Science and they move quickly. She also said Fauci held up the paper’s publication, but that claim is highly suspect unless Fauci called the science into question. So, I believe that she is inflating this episode for her own ends.

She goes on to criticize the Bayh-Dole act, which suggests that she is a fringe activist who thinks that financial incentives are bad for science. In the past, if a federally funded university scientist came up with an invention, the government had dibs on who owned the patent and usually took it from the inventor. That was unfair to the researcher and the university where the research was done. The act changed that and allowed the inventors to own the patent to their discovery. It is a good and fair law in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with profiting from your ideas and she is among the fringe who think that is wrong. She is wrong.

She also made the amazing statement that there is no vaccine for any RNA virus that works (coronaviruses are RNA viruses). That is flat wrong. Flu is an RNA virus and the vaccines do work with varying efficacy depending on how well the CDC predicts which flu strain will be prevalent each year. Poliovirus is an RNA virus and there has long been very good vaccines for it. There are also several effective veterinary vaccines for different coronaviruses that cause animal diseases. So, her credibility takes a huge hit on this point.

She said it is very clear that the virus was manipulated and studied in a lab. I am a viral immunologist and have seen zero evidence to support that claim. In fact, I have seen some evidence to say that is not true. From the sequence data of the CoV-2 genome, it is clear that it was not engineered in a lab. If it was, there would be telltale signs of that in the genome. The Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher who studies coronaviruses has found dozens and dozens of different coronaviruses in bats from different places in China. She sequences their genomes and places them in an open library for any researcher in the world to investigate. The sequence of CoV-2 is not in the library and that strongly suggests, but does not prove, that her lab never worked with it.

Mikovits goes on to say that getting coronaviruses from animals is “not how it works.” Bullscat! It is quite clear that is how SARS and MERS coronaviruses came about. MERS came from a bat and passed through camels and into humans. She claims that such zoonotic transfer represents accelerated viral evolution that would take "800 years," but that does NOT have to be the case. Flu shuttles between the North and South hemispheres each year carried by migrating birds that poop around animals (often pigs) who pick up the virus and transfer it to humans. That happens every year. Current evidence is that the Wuhan coronavirus infected humans from some undetermined animal, and there is compelling evidence that humans gave it back to 7 big cats in the Bronx zoo and to two pet cats and one pet dog (so far). So, it quite easily shuttles between different species.

Basically, I got frustrated watching the video and didn’t follow it to the end. I think that Mikovits has an unhealthy agenda. I would not put much credence into what she says. You can try to access the video here, if you still want to.


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The scientist in that video had another controversial paper in the journal, Science, that claimed that a mouse virus causes chronic fatigue. The journal later retracted the paper and Mikovits was fired from her research position. Lotta sour grapes there, which is what came across in the video.

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