400,000 Total COVID-19 Deaths In A Year
The Coronavirus Might Not Have Originated In Wuhan Or Even In China

Increasingly Contagious And Lethal CoV-2 Variants Are Popping Up Around The World

In September, the UK noticed a coronavirus variant that has a surprising number of genome mutations, including eight point mutations in the spike protein, which is the viral antigen targeted by most of the vaccines. In just a couple of months, the variant became the prevalent cause of COVID-2 in the UK, meaning that it spreads faster than other iterations of the virus. It also has been found in a few pockets in the US and is expected to become the dominant strain here by March. It appears that the variant is 30-50% more infectious in all age groups (down from the early 70% estimate in December). Fortunately, all indications are that the two mRNA vaccines being rolled out by Pfizer and Moderna are effective against the variant (expect two more vaccines based on different technology platforms soon, from AstraZeneca and J&J).

The bad news is that British public health officials just warned that the virus variant is just not more contagious, it also is 30-40% more lethal. Out of 1000 60-year old patients infected with the UK variant, 13-14 would be expected to die, compared to 10 deaths in patients infected with the previous virus. This warning was based on four separate UK studies.

Related, but not identical, viral variants also have appeared in South Africa and in Brazil. These variants also seem to be more contagious and, not surprisingly, share some of the same spike protein mutations as the British variant. There is no word, yet, on the lethality of these variants. However, three lab studies in South Africa have raised concerns that their variant might be resistant to the current vaccines. Pfizer studies found that their vaccine protects well against the British variant, but the South African variant seems to be more resistant to the two vaccines currently in use. It too has quickly become the dominant virus strain in that country and has been found in 22 other countries. It has not yet been found in the US, but give it time.

These new virus variants that are more contagious and more lethal are appearing in countries where a significant percentage of people have already built some immunity to the original CoV-2 strain. This raises concern that our immune responses can provide natural selection pressure that favors virus variants that avoid the specificity of our immune response. In other words, our immune systems and the vaccines might be driving the emergence of more contagious and deadly forms of the virus. If so, this would necessitate adapting the vaccines to meet the variants and establishing a regular vaccine schedule with continually changing vaccines like we do now for the flu virus.

The CEO of BioNTech, the German biotech company that spent a decade developing the mRNA vaccine platform used in Pfizer’s vaccine, said it would take only six weeks to design a new vaccine specific for new variants in the spike protein. The platform is in place and all they would need to do is swap out the spike protein mRNA for the new variant sequence. Then it would take some time to produce the new vax and get it into arms. But, again, that is similar to what we do each year for the new flu strains that pop up annually.

Hopefully, the new vax technology will let us develop new vaccines as fast as the virus mutates.

The race is on. Bet on the new vax technology, which I earlier christened, BioX.


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Update: Moderna just announced that it is developing a vaccine booster for the virus variant that emerged in South Africa and that seems to be able to avoid the two vaccines currently available.

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