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The Coronavirus Might Not Have Originated In Wuhan Or Even In China

About 90 people were hospitalized with an unusual respiratory disease in central China two months before COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan on Dec. 8 2019, according to the World Health Organization. Preliminary indications are that this could have been COVID-19, but that remains uncertain at this time since China is not cooperating with international health scientists.

More recently, Italian researchers found CoV-2 infection in a 4-year-old boy who was treated for respiratory symptoms and vomiting on Nov. 30, 2019—also before the disease was first noticed in Wuhan. And, as reported earlier in these pages, the UCLA medical center recently reported that they had an unexpected 50% spike in patients with respiratory illness beginning in December, 2019, about the time COVID-19 was first recognized in Wuhan. It is not certain that these UCLA cases were due to COVID-19, but it is suspect.

Together, these findings, especially the Italian observation, suggest that the virus was already across China and even around the globe before the Wuhan outbreak was recognized. All this raises anew the question whether COVID-19 actually originated in Wuhan. Did it even begin in China?  

There has been much speculation, from both serious and unserious commentators, that the virus originated, either on purpose or by accident, in the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology, a world-class research laboratory that studies coronaviruses. But, if it was spreading in other parts of China and in Italy before it was noticed in Wuhan that would raise a strong possibility that the virus did not come from the lab. Unfortunately, the Chinese government refuses to release data on their early repiratory patients  that is needed to definitively determine whether the respiratory symptoms were due to COVID-19. For example, it would be enormously helpful if international researchers could review the records of the 90-some people in central China who had COVID-like symptoms. Even more helpful would be for international scientists to test stored biological samples from these patients, if available, for the virus, like the Italian investigators did.

Meanwhile, the CCP has floated the idea that the virus did not originate in China. One would think that if that was true, and they wanted the world to believe that, they would be more transparent with their evidence.

We will see....maybe.

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