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Wearing Glasses Might Protect Against COVID-19

A new report summarizing several studies claims that wearing glasses can protect you from COVID-19. The investigators reviewed multiple studies that have shown that glasses wearers contract COVID-19 at greatly reduced levels compared to those who do not wear glasses. It has been long known that respiratory viruses can infect people through the eyes, so this finding is not a surprise. If a virus lands in your eye, it can go through the tear duct and down into your nose and infect your upper respiratory system.

One study published this month in India, looked at 304 COVID-19 patients. About 40% of India’s adult population wears glasses, but only 19% of the people infected with the coronavirus wore glasses leading the researchers to conclude that the risk of COVID-19 was about 2 to 3 times less for folks who wear spectacles compared to non-wearers. These results mirror an earlier study from China.

All of this raises the question of whether wearing glasses to protect against COVID should be called nerd immunity?


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